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Domestic Upholstery

Our upholsterers cater for all aspects of upholstery, from traditional to modern upholstery whether it needs to be completely, partially reupholstered or recovered from chairs to sofas.

We offer best quality
Domestic Upholstery services

We will strip down to the bare frame, make sure any necessary frame repairs and upholster your furniture back to the original condition.

​We remove the existing fabric, add extra padding where needed, upholster and cover in your chosen fabric.

Our attention to detail is precise, ensuring a quality long lasting job for every piece you entrust in our care. As our loyal customers will attest, a job by Leather&Sofa is a job perfectly done with high quality workmanship, sensibly designed and delivered in a timely fashion.

Choosing to make some changes to the upholstery in your business can be a big decision. Our services have helped breathe life into many business, large and small.

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Domestic Upholstery

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